32ch FPV monitor with OLED config display

The previous build, where I had to change from config screen to video screen worked OK, but it was pretty annoying, having to change the screens on the FPV monitor. If only theres was a two-screen solution, where one would always be config, and the other would always be video… So I looked and looked and, eventually stumbled upon this, which I basically an updated version of previous code. It sports a tiny I2C OLED screen, just for configuration. so, do you want a 32ch FPV monitor with OLED config display? Read on…

There wasn’t much to change, really, as wiring stays the same, plus some I2C connections for the OLED.

Since I’m using my own board (which you can still order here), the process was simple: locate I2C bus, 5v and GND and solder some tiny wires on them pads! 🙂

My soldering job looks like this. Since there is no need for switching between outputs, remove the switch, and solder “video” pin to video out.


that’s it, really… hardware-wise. Now, we need to flash the atmega with that shiny, new code. Download the collection, unzip the archive, and install the libraries and sketches.

There is some configuration to be done in settings.h file,  I personally disabled (put // in front of)


Connect ISP pins to ISP programmer (or RX, TX, RST to FTDI), and flash that sucker. On my PCB, ISP pins are broken out.

When it’s done, if the OLED turn on, it’s probably OK…. If it does not, try the I2C scanner sketch, to get the I2C address. Compare that to line 58 in oled_128x64_adafruit_screens.cpp and change accordingly.

display.begin(SSD1306_SWITCHCAPVCC, 0x3C);

Cut the opening from the back panel and glue the OLED on it.

The end result looks like this


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